Food Allergies - A major cause of common 
health problems.
Sound unbelievable?  Consider that you are the product of millions of years of evolution, and what you need to eat to be healthy was developed over that time.  Many of the foods we eat today were not part of that historical diet.  If you eat something you aren't designed to eat, or that your body has determined to be an allergen, your health may suffer the consequences.  In many cases, the conditions listed below are caused by food allergies.  Anyone who suffers from these problems should undergo proper food allergy testing.
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Abdominal Pain Gas
Acne GERD - Acid Reflux
ADD – ADHD Glaucoma
Anemia, chronic Gluten Intolerance
Anxiety Headaches
Arthritis Heartburn
Asthma Hypoglycemia
Bladder Infections, chronic Hypothyroidism
Behçet's Disease Iron Deficiency, chronic
Bloating Irritable Bowel
Canker Sores Irritability
Celiac Disease ITP (low platelet count)
Colic Joint pain
Colitis Lactose Intolerance
Constipation Mental fogginess
Coughing, chronic Migraines
Crohn's Disease Milk Allergies
Depression Nasal Congestion, chronic
Dermatitis Nausea & Vomiting
Diarrhea Poor growth
Ear Infections, chronic Poor immune function
Eczema Psoriasis
Encopresis Rheumatoid arthritis
Fatigue Seizures
Fibromyalgia Sinusitis, chronic
Frequent Infections Ulcerative colitis
Gall Bladder Issues Weight Problems
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